Objects I Can't Afford

Welcome to my on-going wish list of things that are juuust out of my budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a quick FAQ that many readers reach out about. If you have a question that's not covered here, I'd love to chat. 

Contact me here.


Where do you find all of this stuff?

I generally find most of my objects from Etsy, recommendations of other bloggers, and online stores I have no business looking at because I can't actually buy anything.

Can I advertise my product?

Absolutely. You can reach out at any time to discuss advertising and see if we're a fit.

Some of this stuff isn't even expensive, why is it on here?

Not all of the products will be bonkers expensive here. Some are pretty cheap, even. The idea is that I personally can't afford spending money on random stuff - but maybe you can, and that's awesome.

Can I follow you on Instagram?

Duh! Here's a link.

Can I follow you on Bloglovin'?

Of course you can! Here's a link.

Can I join your team?

Maybe one day! Right now, the "team" consists of just me. This is a personal blog, but with enough time I may need some help.

Do you have an archive of past products?

I do. The main site only shows 200 of the newest items, so older ones will be moved here to the archive.

Do you sell products directly from your site?

Nope! All of the products you see aren't sold here, however everything is linked back to the original sellers where you can buy them. Credit for each product is 100% given to the amazing creators.

What happens if a product is sold out?

Because the products aren't sold through Objects I Can't Afford, you would need to reach out to the seller directly. Remember, there are links back to each seller in every post.